Vision and mission of TRAN TRUC COMPANY

Vision: in the next 10-20 years, TRAN TRUC Company will raise the spirit of challenge to constantly bring customers newer plastic products by satisfying all external and internal customers with quality products. quantity

Mission: Always listen, understand, share and respond quickly to all customer needs. Monitoring and checking for quality by doing everything right from the start 


 TRAN TRUC WHOLESALE CO., LTD in manufacturing and supplying plastic products with diverse designs and disposable use with the cheapest wholesale prices on the Online market and on E-commerce such as shopee,lazada,tiki,sendo.

- Pet Plastic Bottles Milk Tea, Cosmetic Bottles

-Plastic Pet Jars with Aluminum Lid, Plastic Lid. PET PLASTIC FRAME WITH ALUMINUM LIP, ON, rim rim, eyelid rim

- Plastic straw

- Kraft paper bowl, Plastic bowl

- Box, Trays, Plastic Spoon

- Plastic Yogurt Jar, Flan Cake Jar 

- Product Packaging.

- Pre-printed stamps

- And many more products….


 Our commitment

– All goods have clear, transparent, genuine origin from the manufacturer and are imported directly.

- Absolutely do not sell fake goods, imitation brand goods, poor quality goods.

- Products sold are always better than the market price

– Refund 100% of the value of the sold goods if the goods sold are not in accordance with the commitment or of the wrong origin

- Goods sold are warranted according to the manufacturer's standards.

Service attitude: Honesty with customers, Trust always comes first. We serve with all our heart and highest respect.

– Do not disclose or use personal information of customers for wrong purposes. Comply with Vietnamese laws on sales and protect consumer interests.

– Customers will often benefit from the company's discounts and promotions as well as the discount and promotional programs of suppliers. Commitment to awarding prizes and promotions according to the given program.

– All products provided by our company are strictly censored before being shipped.

Plastic is the most versatile material on earth. It is so versatile that it can be used for almost anything, from water bottles to cars. Plastic has been around for a very long time and it has become an integral part of our society today. Here are some benefits of using plastic

1) Durability - Plastic is durable because it doesn't rust or corrode like metal and it doesn't break like paper.

2) Low cost - Plastics are very cheap and easy to manufacture.

3) Flexibility - Plastics can be molded into a variety of shapes and sizes, making it easy to produce in bulk.

4) Recyclability- Plastics can be recycled into other materials which means they don't end up